The application of 3D printing in the dental field mainly includes customization and standardization. 3D printing can realize the personalized customization and high-precision forming of the product. The denture and the stent are 100% matched with the oral structure, and fit the patient’s mouth, which solves the positioning problems that traditional dental products have. Besides, 3D printing makes the mass production of dental products come true, which solves the efficiency dilemma that traditional manufacturing cannot overcome.

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VP100 Pro-1

VP-100 Pro Titanium or Cobalt chromium crown/bracket metal 3D printer

Cobalt-chromium alloy 3D printer is specially used in dentistry to provide help for more dental medical treatment. Please contact us. We will provide a free quotation.

IE-150 Dental metal 3D printer Single Laser or Double Laser

Metal 3D printer applied on crown/top and R.P.D, support titanium or cobalt chromium, welcome to consult, we provide free quotation service.
Dental 3D printer software

iPD Intelligent Partial Denture Software

Intelligent Partial Denture (IPD) software is independently developed by the company based on customer specific requirements.

It is used to support our dental metal 3D printer, which solves the professional problems for our customers and greatly improves the work efficiency.