Whether your requirement is a CAD model of a prototype part or designing a part within existing part constraints, Prindream’s laser scanning services can provide a digital point cloud of your part. Prindream utilizes a range of non-contact scanners for both large and intricate parts providing the necessary detail and accuracy for your project. We can laser scan your parts at our facility or attend your location with our equipment if your part is large or of a highly sensitive nature.
Are you needing a 3D cad model or drawing of your part? Prindream expert 3D modeling team can lighten your load with fast, affordable 3D cad services. Whether you require generic files such as STP, IGES, X_T or DWG, or more software-specific files such as PTC Creo, Solidworks, we have got a solution for you. 3D models and drawings are the universal currency of ideas and are the industry standard for any kind of manufacturing. We treat your 3D models with utmost care, making sure they are as accurate as possible, for we know that within them could contain the next big idea that could mean everything to you and your company.

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3D modeling service for industrial design

We have more than 10 professional 3D designer team, providing one-to-one service
3D Scanning Service 05

High precision 3D scanning service

3D scanning service can transform the physical model into three-dimensional drawings in STL format quickly. The accuracy can reach 0.05mm.