3D printing hand board vs traditional CNC hand board

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First of all, I would like to introduce today’s topic, 3D printing hand plate vs. CNC hand plate.

Hand plate is one or several functional samples made according to the appearance drawing or structural drawing to check the rationality of appearance or structure under the premise of no mold opening. Usually, products just developed or designed need hand plate to be made. The hand plate is the first step to verify the feasibility of the product. It is the most direct and effective way to find out the defects, shortcomings and disadvantages of the designed product, so as to improve the defects in a targeted way until the defects cannot be found out from the hand plate sample

The advantages of 3D printing hand plate

  1. High material utilization rate;
  2. Fast forming speed;
  3. Able to process complex structures that CANNOT be realized by CNC;
  4. High precision;
  5. Simple operation;
  6. One-time forming.

The advantages of CNC handboard

  1. Mature process, good cost control in large quantities;
  2. Large forming size;
  3. High precision,
  4. High surface quality;
  5. Excellent strength and toughness.

Disadvantages of 3D printing hand plate

  1. Desktop 3D printer with average surface quality, general strength and toughness, and small size;
  2. Industrial-grade 3D printer is needed, high cost in large quantities.

Disadvantages of CNC hand plate

  1. Low material utilization rate;
  2. Complex structure requires multiple processing, and too complex structure cannot be realized;
  3. Higher requirements for operators.


3D Printing Parts

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CNC parts

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3D printing, as a rapid prototyping technology, is naturally applied to hand plate production.Therefore, it is unavoidable to do contrast with the traditional CNC hand plate.3D printing is additive manufacturing, in which the workpiece is formed by adding the corresponding material.CNC is manufactured with reduced material, which is used to remove excess material to shape the workpiece.Both of them have their own advantages. CNC’s machining precision is higher than 3D printing, and the complexity of the parts produced by 3D printing is much higher than CNC.3D printing is an important supplement to traditional processing methods. Its main function is not to replace but to supplement. Therefore, the combination of 3D printing and CNC is a very good form.

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