One of the latest developments in resin 3D-printing is MSLA, also called LCD based 3D-printing. This technique uses an affordable LCD screen to create the mask, eliminating expensive DMD chips that are used in DLP techniques. This technique works by an array of LED’s illuminating on the LCD. The LCD is used as a mask, which creates the curing pattern. The liquid resin turns into a rigid plastic on the spots where the light ‘hits’ the resin.

DLP was originally a kind of projection technology. Later, the light-curing 3D printer using this projector was also called a DLP 3D printer.
DLP light curing forming can form one surface at one time, and the forming speed is fast. With high-resolution projectors and good forming quality resin, the 3D printed products have very high precision.
This kind of forming technology first uses slicing software to cut the model, and the projector plays the slide. The image of each layer is photopolymerized and cured in a thin area of the resin layer to form a thin layer of the part, and then the forming table moves one layer. The projector continues to play the next slide, continues to process the next layer, and so on, finally forming a finished model. It is often used in fields such as jewelry and dentistry.

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Dental jewelry 3D printer

Print size: 192*120*250mm. 8.9-inch 3D printer with LCD technology for industrial grade dental jewelry
FDM 3D printer 1

Cheap Desktop DIY FDM 3D Printer

Cheap Desktop DIY FDM 3D Printer is an entry-level 3D printer specially developed for DIY enthusiasts. It is easy to operate, stable to print and cheap in price, which is suitable for personal and corporate use.
Dental 3D printer

Professional Dental 3D Printer

At present, the best professional dental 3D printer, serving all kinds of dental use scenarios, welcome to contact us for free quotation.
Jewelry 3D printer 1

Jewelry 3D Printer

Jewelry 3D printer is mainly used in jewelry or dental field, welcome to consult, we will provide free quotation service.